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At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing each patient with high quality replacement teeth. We work together with all patients to get the appearance just right and in our laboratory we ensure we use the best materials and methods to get best fit possible.

The day arrives for your new denture to be fitted. This is now when the settling in phase begins. This typically lasts 6-8 weeks but take longer particularly, if you have worn your previous denture for a long time as your mouth, tongue and muscles become accustomed to those old teeth, and these same muscles can take time to adjust to your new false teeth.

We pride ourselves on our aftercare, as it is an essential component to a successful transition from old to new false teeth. At the time of fitting any new denture we will provide all patients with a follow up appointment in approximately one week. This gives us a chance to assess your mouth and gums for any trauma and you can discuss any issues you may be having. The mouth comprises of delicate tissue with a lot of nerves running along the gumline, its extremely common for soreness to occur, we always advise not to persevere with soreness and to remove your denture. A quick adjustment is all that is required by us and usually the effect is felt immediately. However this process may need to be repeated to get the denture just right. Some patients are delighted with the fit and comfort of their teeth with no adjustments, for others it can take longer to settle and will require more adjustments, underlying medical conditions can hinder this phase, which is why we take a detailed medical history to try to pre-empt any issues. Regardless of individual circumstances we offer aftercare for an unlimited time to ensure your denture settles in.

At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic our aim is to place your artificial teeth in the position that your natural teeth occupied. This will give you the correct lip and facial support for the most natural appearance. Nothing will be finished until your happy with the appearance. Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your dentures are functioning correctly.

For complete dentures we have 4 treatment ranges allowing you to choose which will best suit your situation and expectations. We offer the Cosmetic Denture Range, Flexible Dentures, Premium Quality Dentures and the new Lower Suction Denture Range.

Caring for your denture

  • Always remove your denture at night, this gives the gums time to relax and aids with letting the tissues cleanse.
  • Even though these teeth are false, you must treat them like you would your natural teeth. Brush each morning and evening.
  • soak your teeth in a suitable denture cleaning product and use as instructed. Do Not be tempted to soak for longer than required as this can change the colour of the acrylic to a bleached effect.
  • Valplast flexible dentures require a specific cleaning product, they are made of a different material to a traditional denture. We provide each new Valplast denture wearer with a 3 month supply initially.