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One of the most frustrating aspects of wearing dentures is the lower denture lifting or moving when you talk and eat. At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic we are trained in the Dr Abe suction-effect lower denture. This technique was specifically formulated to tackle the slack "lifting and shifting" lower denture.

The technique is named after Dr Jiro Abe of Japan , who in 1998 put together 10yrs worth of clinical results and started to publish his results in dental journals. After extensive training we are now delivering this treatment and many patients are benefiting from a more secure stable lower denture.

The solution is called the "Suction effect mandibular denture", following a strict set of guidelines and dependant on the anatomy of the patient, suction on the lower denture can be achieved.

The experience for the patient is not dissimilar to the construction of a regular denture. However, there is more time spent with the Clinical Dental Technician plus more technical work is required to achieve the desired outcome, during the impression phase we will ask you to do specific mouth movements whilst using very accurate , slow setting impressions materials which all helps us to achieve the best outcome.

Benefits of Superior Suction Dentures

  • Stable Lower Denture
  • Closest to nature in appearance and functionality
  • Injection moulded plates to ensure precision fit
  • Extensive range of shades and moulds so we can achieve the most natural looking denture closest to nature in appearance and functionality

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your dentures are functioning correctly.

If you look at our videos you can see more effort required to lift the lower.

The initial consultation is used to assess your mouth where we analyse your anatomy. we will then rate your prognosis on a good, fair or poor outcome spectrum. even with a poor outcome, following this protocol will result in a better fitting denture.