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The Cosmetic Denture Clinic is a registered certified Valplast laboratory.

Patients who need to replace some natural teeth, deciding which solution is best for you to replace those missing teeth is a big decision. A Valplast flexible denture could be the solution for you. This type of denture is made from a nylon material which when finished has a bit of "flex" which allows it to pop securely between natural teeth.

Valplast flexible type of denture is ideal for people with remaining natural teeth, as it functions really well, is less invasive and is a great cosmetic solution. No matter the shape or shade of your natural teeth we will find a match which will blend the denture with your natural teeth.

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your dentures are functioning correctly.

Advantages of a flexible denture

  • The flexible denture is lightweight.
  • The Flexible Denture is not bulky and can be palate free denture.
  • The Flexible Denture will blend exceptionally well with your natural teeth.
  • The Flexible denture has no unsightly clips.
  • We give a complimentary 3 month supply of the special cleaner needed to clean a flexible denture.

The material we use for flexible dentures is free from metal toxins and is non-allergenic. The bond from Valplast material to denture teeth is a mechanical bond not a chemical bond, therefore, a special cleaner is used for this type of denture to remove any staining and keep the integrity of your Vaplast denture. We give a complimentary 3 month supply with a flexible denture.

If you have remaining teeth and wonder if this is the right choice for you then don't hesitate to contact us for a no obligation consultation.

We offer flexible dentures which are ideal for patients with remaining natural teeth and require a partial plate. These dentures once finished have a slight “give “in them so they can be fitted around existing teeth, an added advantage is the denture is extremely lightweight. They are manufactured at our clinic with our Thermopress machine, using thermoplastic materials which do not contain metals toxins and are allergenic.

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