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Choosing The Right Denture Treatment For You

So you have decided to invest in new dentures. The next important step is deciding which treatment is best for you. There are a few basic questions you should ask yourself before deciding:

  • What are you hoping to achieve with new dentures, is it simply to look better, perhaps a brighter smile. Are you having problems with current denture in respect to eating, talking or are they just loose and you have no confidence when wearing them.
  • How much of your time will you give in order to achieve your goal. A denture generally takes approximately 5 weeks with a settling in period thereafter. However, the more complex options with implants can take 4 months to a year to completely settle. This is a huge investment of your time, but results can be life changing, particularly if you are struggling with dentures and want a fixed option.
  • Cost! The thing we don’t want to think about. What budget do you have available. The implant options are not inexpensive, however, they can change a persons’ quality of life. We recognise most people have limitations on funds and we will provide the very best option for your budget.

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